DJ Neil Hunter Bio


DJ Neil Hunter started off DJ’ing at the age of 13 with just two belt drive turntables, a Gemini mixer and a crate of records. Through his love for Dance music, he taught himself how to DJ and quickly knew that this is something that was going to take over his life. Neil Hunter wants to make his audience appreciate music regardless of genre. This is one of the many things that set’s him apart & he is not scared to embrace new music, technology and styles to push the envelope. This ability allows him to rock any crowd.

At the age of 16 he had Residency at his local club playing in front of 100s of people; also he rocked crowds all around the North East of Scotland. As his passion for music grew so did his curiosity of different styles of Electronic Dance Music. He briefly dabbled in the world of House music before moving onto Breakbeat & then into Hardcore where he would get the break he was looking for.  He got his big break at an event called Fusion and played alongside some of the greats in the Hardcore business like Bass Generator, TechnoTrance & the band Q-TEX.

But Neil Hunter had to take a break from the DJ’ing world however after a 9 year Break he is back and embracing the new technology & a new found passion for Trance music, with the intension of producing tracks in the near future.

With the motto “IT’S THE MUSIC NOT THE DJ”. Neil Hunter is back on the scene with a 3 hour Trance & Progressive music Radio show every second Thursday on his local radio station Deveron FM, but a little dream of his is to get back behind the decks & rocking crows again!



DJ Neil Hunter - Trance & Progressive DJ